• BRW’s ECO Afternoon!

    On Friday 19th of May, BRW invited you all to an Eco-Extravaganza! This was to raise money for the Building Hope Scheme. It all began […]

  • Exploring Caves

    Year 3 we have been on a virtual tour of the famous Lascaux cave in France, where¬†Palaeolithic cave paintings were discovered in 1940. Alongside the […]

  • Glapton Woods

    On Thursday Year 1 were lucky enough to enjoy the morning sunshine in Glapton Woods. The news of our adventures had spread throughout school and […]

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  • Blessed Robert New local educational visit has been arranged for Years 5 & 6 for tomorrow! Packed lunch required. Details to be sent out in a letter today.

  • Blessed Robert Notice: The Year 5 and 6 visit tomorrow has now been cancelled. A letter with more information will be going out tonight.