• IMG_1487

    Musical Matinee in Year 3

    Year 3 had a professional musician join us today. Mr Allison, who has played for Simon Rattle. He performed a range of music from jazz […]

  • IMG_1431

    Robot Music in Year 3

    Year 3 enjoyed composing their own music inspired by the ‘Robots’ film. We’ve studied certain scenes to hear how the orchestra mirrors the events and […]

  • IMG_2728

    Worm Charming Competition

    Year 1 and 2 took part in a very exciting and extremely noisy competition today! The rules were simple: In small groups, using a hula-hoop […]

  • CnO-FkAWcAAnGVj

    BRW Bake Off!

      From delicious tray bakes to incredible cakes, the creations entered into the cake competition were taste-bud tingling to say the least!  the children and parents […]


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