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Experts’ Corner: Islam

July 12, 2017 Brinly 3

Islam is a religion. the followers of Islam are called muslims. this religion is the second largest religion with over 1 billion people in it. […]

Judo: my special skill

July 5, 2017 Jack 2

Ever since I was little, I played Judo at school. It was my favourite thing to do, and every week I couldn’t wait until Wednesday […]

Nature Knacks

July 5, 2017 Miss Courtney 1

Year 4 had a fabulous afternoon in the sun, exploring the artistic side of our school grounds. Using Andy Goldsworthy as inspiration, we created our […]

Year 5 Hummus Making!

July 3, 2017 Jessica 4

Last week, Year 5 had a sensational food tech lesson as we made scrumptious hummus! Firstly, we taste tested hummus on carrots, cucumber and pitta […]