A New Year for BRW

Everyone knows that it’s 2016! It’s definitely a New Year! In every New Year, all our classes from Year 1 to Year 6 are refreshed from last year. As a school, we all work together to achieve things, no matter what. At the start of New Years, we make New Year’s Resolutions. At the start of the year, I made a New Year’s Resolution: it was to ‘Pray More’. I’m going to set a New Year’s Resolution to everyone at school (this includes the teachers!)  I want all of you to ‘Pray More to God’. That’s your new, New Years Resolution.


  1. What a thought-provoking blog Yocheved!
    I am certainly up for the challenge and will definitely try and make more time to pray.

  2. WOW, what an absorbing blog. It really convinces me to pray more as I sometimes forget to say grace before eating. What do you think will help people to remember to pray more?

  3. That’so a good question Christian! I would recommend our school motto; ‘We walk kindly in the footsteps of Jesus Christ as we live and learn.’

  4. Each week I pray for people I know but now I will try and pray more than 1 times a week. At lunch I will always look at the school motto and follow what it says.

    • That’s really good Jessica! I try to pray in the morning, the afternoon and when I go to sleep.
      Our school motto is something to remember always!

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