Adventures at the Lunt Fort

Year 3 had a fantastic day training to be Roman soldiers at the Lunt Fort. They swore an oath of allegiance to Emperor Nero and learned how to fight for the Empire with a gladius and shield. They learned how to form a shield wall and sneak up on their enemies the Celts. They  all became very organised and disciplined, working together, just like real Romans!


  1. I really enjoyed the Lunt Fort.
    My favourite part was using the swords and shields. We learnt that the Roman Soldiers only had one sponge on a stick in vinegar to wipe their bottom with between 12 of them. The reason for this is, sponge grows at the bottom of the sea and in Roman times they didn’t have breath tanks so they had to hold their breath for a long time to reach the bottom and pick it up.

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