Alexie: All About Me and the School!

Hi my name is Alexie and I am one of the School Captains. I have many hobbies such as football, basketball and even coding! I also like thinking up ideas for my YouTube channel, and I do lots of my hobbies on there. Sometimes when I’m bored, when I don’t have any homework of course, I like to just relax and wonder. I live with my Mum and Dad and my two sisters ( sometimes they really get on my nerves).

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In my class we get up to do many fun things such as Maths graffiti, Thinking boards and much, more. I really enjoyed raising money for Bunkpurugu because it is really important for me to ensure the children get a good education. We did lots of stuff such as the Christmas Market as we had to make lots of glow up leaf candles to sell there; a lot of people went there and even bought lots of candles. Also iIenjoyed the SATS as it was really exciting and nerve-racking when you actually do it but after even you can enjoy that bliss sensation of joy sweeping through your tummy.

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