Amazing Aladdin: The Marvellous Musical!

This was an amazing musical with many opportunities that we grasped. The year 6s made a marvellous performance out of this script and made everybody in the school proud to be there on the nights they performed it. Some of the children were practising day to night for their roles to make it the best musical the school had ever experienced! All of the people who took part in this masterpiece  were needed or else it would not be the performance it was. This includes; Mathew who was Aladdin, Oakley who was Abu, Yocheved who was Jasmine, Conor who was Iago, and Megan who was Jafar! I hope next year’s musical cast will try their best to beat this record to make it better for the audience. Good luck year five who are going to be next years year six. I actually took part in this musical and I enjoyed this musical a lot because everyone worked as a team and the whole of year 6 and 5 always helped: if somebody forgot their lines, or if somebody misplaced a prop, and they would do this by saying their lines or replacing the prop. So this is why and how to make the perfect musical performance, and to make a perfect cast you need everyone to have a positive mental attitude!



  1. The musical was magnificent and it was a pleasure to be apart of it. Can’t wait for next years musical, I am sure it will be as wonderful as it was last year.

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