Ambassadors for Christ

Today, we have been writing persuasive letters about being an Ambassador for Christ!

In order to be an Ambassador for Christ you need to be; understanding, courageous, faithful and a role model to others. We can all be Ambassadors for Christ. St Paul reminds us that we are all Ambassadors of God in his letter the Thessalonians because we have been ‘approved by God to be entrusted with the Gospel’ Thessalonians 1 2:4

This morning we had a KS2 liturgy about ‘strength’ and we all sung the hymn ‘Jesus Lamb of God’ towards the end of the liturgy and a beautiful dance performed by myself and during the Chorus of the songs. The Liturgy team showed themselves to be Ambassadors in the way they led it and we all followed.

My message to you is that you can all be Ambassadors for Christ this lent by praying, singing (which is praying twice) and preaching. If you have joined up to our ‘Cut it Out for CAFOD’ campaign you are also thinking of others which is an extremely important thing to do throughout the season of Lent.

Join Us On Our Mission and Be An Ambassador for Christ

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