Are We Making the Right Choices?

We were led through a beautiful class Liturgy in Year 3 on Friday. The children had prepared a reflective and prayerful celebration of their work in Come and See this term. We’ve been looking at how we make choices and studying the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We’ve grown in our understanding of this and Scripture, especially the parables Jesus told about our Forgiving Father.

Well done to the team, who prepared and led us through the Liturgy, finishing with a meditation session.

IMG_6882This picture was created by some of the children in our class, as a gift to those who celebrated making their First Holy Communion recently. They also wrote this prayer…


We sing your name, you answer.

Let your love surround us

Your words are like seeds planted into our hearts

We remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us,

We’ll never forget.

We are the body of Christ,

One bread, one cup, we are one family.

Your love guides us as we walk in your footsteps.



  1. Everyone who participated in liturgy were outstanding, the liturgy was lovely. I am also going to say well done to the people who made the liturgy, you all did an amzing, great job. Thank you!

  2. Yes they did Jaeden. That reading was stupendous. I bet it took a lot of planing. My best part was when you all lit the candles and started the liturgy. Well done and thank you it was lovely.

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