At The Orchard Again!

Contrary to last week’s beautifully sunny day, the weather was dull, the skies were grey and rain didn’t stop falling when the second half of the Foundation Stage visited the Orchard this week.  But did we let this stop us from having a wonderful time? Of course we didn’t!

The children got stuck in with everything on offer and were there to help Percy the Park-Keeper sort out even more homes for his animals this week.  The mud slide was muddier than usual and the children had enormous fun climbing to the top of the slope and sliding down!

At the end of the afternoon we were lucky enough to sit around a real campfire with Percy and he cooked us some popcorn!  We enjoyed talking about how the popcorn changed as it was heated but the best bit had to be tasting the popcorn when it was cooked and teaching Percy some songs as we sang together around the fire.

Well done to all of the children who came on our visit; you didn’t let the rain stop you and rose to every challenge that you were met with!

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