Judo: my special skill

July 5, 2017 Jack 2

Ever since I was little, I played Judo at school. It was my favourite thing to do, and every week I couldn’t wait until Wednesday […]

Magical Maths!

February 3, 2017 Jack 3

Do you love maths? Do you like solving magical math problems? This really clever trick explains to you why these ‘tricks’ are maths and not magic. Like […]


June 10, 2016 Jack 6

On Tuesday 7th June 2016 Year 5 were visited by Sim, an expert on recycling and more. She talked to us about energy. Human energy […]

Judo Club!!

January 24, 2016 Jack 12

On Wednesdays at 8:00am, we have the opportunity to do a fun self-defense club to enjoy. From Y1-Y6. Everybody is welcome from Y1 to Y6, […]

The River Nile

June 29, 2015 Jack 0

The River Nile gets its name from the Greek word ‘Nelios’ meaning river valley. The Nile has tributaries that flow through nine countries. The White […]