December 11, 2016 Megan 1

Hi I’m Megan and this is my blog about Basketball. Basketball is my favourite sport and I play for Whiz Kidz, as well as the […]


February 2, 2016 Megan 11

In Year 5, our new Come and See topic is Memorial Sacrifices. We have thought about what memories are.  We watched a video where a […]


February 2, 2016 Megan 27

 In Year 5 one of our homework tasks is to create riddles and maths problems for numbers day. We have to make  problems for parents […]

A Poem about Magma!

February 12, 2015 Megan 3

Magma, Melted, molten rock, Like soup that boils, In a crock… Beneath the Earth, It rolls and roils, Beneath the Earth, It turns and toils… […]