Ask the experts!

June 26, 2017 MissFerrara 2

The Digital Leaders were out in full force at last week’s Open Afternoon where they teaching the parents about all things digital.  Parents were interviewed […]

Open Afternoon

June 26, 2017 MissFerrara 3

This was a wonderful afternoon where classrooms were open for all and the hall was a showcase of all the fabulous Science, Geography and Art […]

A Mammoth Adventure!

June 19, 2017 MissFerrara 11

Ever wondered what it’s like to catch a mammoth? Immerse yourself in the time of the stone age with Year 3’s imaginative mammoth-catching adventures.  Watch […]

Magical Mosaics!

February 2, 2017 MissFerrara 17

Maths is everywhere…even in marvellous Roman mosaics! Take a closer look…what magnificent maths can you spot?  (Think about lines of symmetry, shapes, lines, angles, polygons, […]