Continuing the Mission…

November 3, 2017 MissLee 0

Year 6 have been working extremely hard to create in-depth information and explanation texts about The Sacrament of Ordination (Holy Orders). We’ve used our brains, […]

The Practical Past

October 31, 2017 MissLee 2

Year 6 took a leaf out of Year 5’s book and explored primary sources in history this term – artefacts! Having carried out our own […]

A Poem To My Future-Self

September 24, 2017 MissLee 14

Year 6, Our writing this week will focus on poetry! We will be writing an ‘auto-biographical’ poem about a subject we all know lots about…OURSELVES! […]

Unconditional Love

September 11, 2017 MissLee 30

To all members of Year 6, our first Come and See topic of the term is ‘Loving’. We will begin by exploring ‘unconditional love’. Here’s […]

A Whole New Musical!

May 26, 2017 MissLee 22

Years 5 and 6, here are the promised instrumentals. Get learning the melodies, lyrics…and soon you’ll be eating, sleeping and breathing Aladdin! A Whole New […]

Where the Wildflowers are

May 23, 2017 MissLee 19

Inspired by our Eco-Friday, Year 6 ventured to Glapton Woods to carry out a Wildfower Treasure hunt. After researching wildflowers for homework, we identified a […]