EXPERTS’ CORNER: Bending water!


At home, I performed a science experiment which contained static electricity. It worked and worked really well. This is how it happens:

When you put the comb on your hair or a balloon, tiny bits of atoms from your hair, called electrons are collected on the comb.

It is like when a magnet is attracted to certain metals.

When you bring the negatively charged comb or balloon near the water, it is attracted to the positive force of the water. This is what causes it to push the water. Then the water bends so it is not straight.

How to do it:

Turn on the water so it has a thin stream.

Take your comb or balloon and brush it through your hair ten times.

Now slowly bring your comb or balloon close to the water (without making contact) and you will see that the water bends, this is because it is attracted to the static electricity off the comb.

What do you think?

Why don’t you have a go?



  1. Wow Kyle. A really excellent explanation and stunning results. I’ve never seen that experiment work so well. Did you have to experiment with the flow of water and the distance of the comb a lot?

  2. Wow! This is amazing Kyle! Would the bend be larger with a larger comb? Do more brushes with comb equal a larger bend? Let the investigations begin…

    • Miss Ferrara, the bend would be larger if you brushed it more times! It all depends on how much brushes you do so that there will be more static electricity. So no it doesn’t matter how small or large the comb is.

  3. That is amazing! so many people have been inspired of what you have created.
    would it work if you did it with anything else??
    what inspired you to do this??
    welldone kyle

  4. Well Kyle, I’ve have had a good look at the video but I’ve got two questions for you. Which others things does the water start to bend with? What inspired you to do this?
    Well done Kyle!!!!!

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