Blessed Robert Feeling The Love

Tuesday the 21st of February, a few year 5s hosted a liturgy based on not one but two themes, love, and sacrifices. We learned that it is important to open to others and God. Just like God gave a part of himself, we will sacrifice something we love during Lent. We were celebrating love because the day of the liturgy was exactly one week after St. Valentine’s Day, and one week and one day before Ash Wednesday. To show the theme of love, we used red drapes and materials to make two love hearts. During the liturgy, the children were given a folded up heart to write down what they would do this week to open up their hearts to others. After this Beatrice read out a calming meditation story and had a PowerPoint with beautiful and relaxing pictures while having music in the background. It was about having Jesus in your heart and mind with him asking you to open up your heart to God. We had visitors from St. Edmund Campion to experience BRW liturgies, to magpie ideas to bring back to their school and use in their own school liturgies.


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