Here at Blessed Robert Widmerpool, we believe that there are certain life experiences that are a MUST!  Here is a  booklet filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful learning experiences.

The long list has been created using ideas from the children, parents and staff of BRW that together we feel are:


‘50 Things To Do Before You Leave BRW!’


In the style of a Learning Passport, simply tick off and date any of the experiences once complete.  Why not complete them together as a family? From star gazing to stone skimming, there are just some glorious learning opportunities not to be missed in life, especially during the precious years of childhood.

Some of the learning experiences are tough, some will make you smile or even squeal and some will make you laugh out loud!

Life is for learning and living!  Enjoy the journey!

BRW Passport


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  1. I thank the children and staff who made the BRW passport because it was really helpful and I also got to see everyones exited faces as well as mine, [ plus I nearly filled all of it squeee].

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