BRW show off at the STEM challenge Day

When Blessed Robert Widmerpool took part in the STEM Challenge Day on Monday 16th March, six pupils attended the event held in the Nottingham Girls’ High  School. On this occasion, our supervisor was Mrs Cordwell.They aimed  to put their understanding and knowledge to the limits in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics when creating an interesting model in which is used as a tennis server.

Click on the link below to find out more about STEM Challenge Days.

Blessed Robert had to get on with the project. First of all, we were asked to work in three  pairs: Science, Mathematics and Design or Technology to represent and organise our own plans to make our own plans and our scientific, mathematical, technical point of views. After that, we decided on the best idea to get started on creating the model.

When  break came, we counted all the Faradays (money they had given us) which Blessed Robert needed for buying the supplied materials. With the help of Mrs Cordwell, we fixed the parts in place to make our masterpiece of the tennis server. When it was tested for serving ping pong balls, 2/3 were likely to be successful and got over the nets for a pleasant score. We didn’t win. Well done to us! Children from yrs four and five participated in the event. Any questions? If there are please write in the comment box below. Watch this space!


  1. Well Done to all of the children who came to the STEM Challenge with me, I had a lovely day and was impressed with the way you all worked together to make a working table tennis server. You behaved beautifully and represented the school very well.

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