Bunkpurugu Meeting in Becket!

A couple of weeks ago, before half term, The School Captains and Miss Ferrara went to Becket┬áin her car for a Bunkpurugu meeting with other school captains of other schools. Along with Other schools, we did a fabulous meeting with many ideas bouncing of the walls. St Patrick’s did a cake sale in order to raise money and actually raised quite a lot. English Martyrs are doing a Ghana week with many exotic animals there to view and many things to buy. Also Rory from St Patrick’s did a speech in Church updating everyone in the Parish of all the things they are doing for Bunkpurugu, they are also asking people to donate to the cause of the school. Each School will have a pages in the scrapbook to explain about their school. This will get sent to Bunkpurugu will all the teachers going there to tell them about all the fundraising. We wish all the teachers the best! Lets build that school!


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