Rememberance Liturgy

November 13, 2018 James 3

On Friday 9th November the Liturgy team performed a liturgy for the soldiers that died for us in World War 1. It was memorable and […]

Fabulous Football

November 13, 2018 Benjith 1

  My name is Benjith Jils and I enjoy playing football, because it can make you fit and it is also good for your leg […]

Year 5 Assembly

November 1, 2018 H Andrew 1

These are the lyrics for the song. Remember your parts and try to hit those high notes! I can’t wait to hear it after half […]

World War I

October 29, 2018 Sana 4

This term, Year 5 and Year 6’s topic is…… World War I! The Year 6 pupils have been writing as if they were soldiers from […]