Fossil Imprints

July 20, 2017 Mrs Byrne 1

We had a lovely time making fossil imprints yesterday. We used a variety of materials to investigate which produced the best results; clay, air drying […]

Open Afternoon

June 26, 2017 MissFerrara 3

This was a wonderful afternoon where classrooms were open for all and the hall was a showcase of all the fabulous Science, Geography and Art […]

Y3 Eruption

June 22, 2017 Mrs Byrne 19

Y3 had an exciting, noisy afternoon finally getting to make their volcanoes erupt! As you can see, it was great fun and it was lovely […]

A Mammoth Adventure!

June 19, 2017 MissFerrara 11

Ever wondered what it’s like to catch a mammoth? Immerse yourself in the time of the stone age with Year 3’s imaginative mammoth-catching adventures.  Watch […]

Stone Age Children

June 8, 2017 Mrs Byrne 7

Very loosely based on the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ which we’ve been using in class, Year 3 traveled back in time to the Stone Age. […]

Y3 Writing Challenge

May 26, 2017 Mrs Byrne 28

Story starter! Hours and hours had passed, and she hadn’t seen a soul. The monotony of trudging through this seemingly never-ending labyrinth was tiring, and […]