Anti-Bullying Week

November 16, 2015 MissFerrara 9

The House Captains met with their house teams today to launch Anti- Bullying Week.  They reminded the children that at BRW, we are a ‘Telling […]

We’ve Received Mail!

November 12, 2015 June 4

As you all know from our KS2 liturgy from a while ago, the Liturgy Team and members of Year 6 wrote an extraordinary but important […]

We Will Remember Them

November 10, 2015 Mrs Henderson 7

All children in FS and KS1 took part in a beautiful liturgy yesterday afternoon. The children prepared readings from the Bible and recited poetry as an act […]

Reaping the Harvest

October 27, 2015 MissLee 0

Thank you to the pupils, parents and staff of BRW who celebrated the Harvest with us at mass on Thursday 22nd. The theme was ‘reaping […]