Picture Poses!

September 18, 2017 Mrs Byrne 0

Year 3 had a very exciting first week back with an opportunity to visit The Nottingham Contemporary Gallery. First, they spent time looking at the […]

Y3 Ambassadors

September 16, 2017 Mrs Byrne 0

Year 3 were given the opportunity to apply for the very important Ambassadors jobs. They really prepared extremely well, showing a good understanding of the roles […]

MAT Mass

July 24, 2017 Jessica 0

On Thursday 29th June, everyone in our Trust gathered in the Becket school and celebrated the MAT Mass. The theme of the mass was ” […]

The Leavers Mass

July 21, 2017 Leon 0

Monday 17th July year 6 celebrated the marvellous leavers mass and we all turned in at the same time and we all lined up in the corridors […]

The End of Year Mass 2017

July 21, 2017 Kyra 0

Today at Blessed Robert Widmerpool, we celebrated the end of year Mass.  We all celebrated the Year 6s leaving primary school and journeying  onto their […]

Fossil Imprints

July 20, 2017 Mrs Byrne 2

We had a lovely time making fossil imprints yesterday. We used a variety of materials to investigate which produced the best results; clay, air drying […]

Lava Lamp Antics

July 20, 2017 Miss Courtney 1

Alka-Seltzer + Oil + Coloured Water = Reaction Central! Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed creating lava lamps today as they looked at the reaction between water […]