Chelsea’s Be-Attitudes

We have been looking at the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5 : 1-10 this week.

Here are my important BE ATTITUDES!  See if you can follow them in your every day life.


BE HELPFUL  – be the one that always helps around when you’re in the class room or at home!

BE MERCIFUL – Forgive with a passion for those who sin against you.

BE A PEACE MAKER – CAuse no harm to others. Try to resolve problems on your own.

BE HUMBLE  – Do not show off or boast.

BE KIND – Be gentle to the people around you.

BE MOURNFUL  –  God will comfort everyone who has lost family members.

BE PURE IN HEART – Those who are pure in heart do everything willingly, with a happy heart.



  1. Jesus gave us the beatitudes. The beatitudes is Jesus’words which shows everyone a way to live. Chelsea you explained a way how you showed how we can be like that

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