Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish…

Thursday’s Forest School felt positively magical with the falling Autumn leaves swirling around and the excited buzz amongst the children to get up to the woods and explore once again.

This week the children had the opportunity to use tools in the forest.  They began by hunting in their surroundings for a stick or piece of wood that was just right and spent time using the vegetable peelers to create the perfect ‘wishing stick.’

Many children spent considerable amounts of time creating their ‘wishing stick’; they maintained concentration and persevered until they were completely satisfied with their creation and the smiles on their faces showed how proud they were of their efforts!

We gathered together with a hot chocolate and biscuit and shared what our wishes would be with each other.

Freya – ‘I wish for the trees to keep growing.’

Conan – ‘I wish for a really fast skateboard.’

Kian – ‘I wish for a racing car and a puppy!’

I wonder if our wishes will come true…?




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