Creative Writing Challenge Year 3 The Troll

Story starter!

Thump! He slammed his enormous, grass-covered foot into the middle of the road, sending shockwaves of dust and debris in all directions.

With a loud grunt, the troll wrenched the entire fully tiled roof off a nearby holiday home, with the owners peering helplessly on out of the downstairs windows. He didn’t mean any harm, but he just couldn’t help himself…

Now over to you…Can you continue the story? Write the next exciting instalment, a paragraph each! Include subordinate clauses (remember they can come anywhere is a sentence, they support the main clause)

You might use one at the front of a sentence.

For example, a fronted adverbial can be a type of subordinate clause:

After a short pause, the terrified creature hauled himself out of the hole!

You might want to use one at the end of the sentence:

He went straight home when he heard this because he needed to see the damage.

They might even come in the middle of sentences:

Slowly the boy, who had been cowering in a cave, emerged from the entrance.

Of course, we also have to see strong visual verbs, adjectives and nouns but most of all correct punctuation! Commas have to be used correctly. If the subordinate clause is adding additional information in the middle of your sentence, put commas before and after it. 

Here’s some questions to prompt your thinking…

What do you think the troll is thinking?

Do you think he means to cause all this fuss?

How will the people deal the troll?

Would you try to catch him or communicate with him?

When faced with a problem, what are the best ways to deal with it?

Where do you think the troll has come from?

What do you think the rope around the troll’s waist is for?

Don’t forget to add a positive comment on someone else’s work too!


  1. Here’s my effort Year 3…spot my subordinators!

    Although his grotesque and intimidating appearance repelled the inhabitants of this city, he really didn’t mean any harm. The more he leaned wearily against the sun splashed roof top, the more it gradually tore open revealing a horrified family crouching in the corner of the now dust filled room. Why were these people so afraid of him? What had he done that was so wrong?

    With shoulders drooping and pools of tears forming in the corners of his eyes, he dragged his heavy feet across the road, being careful not to cause further disruption, panic and chaos. He attempted to smile at the crowds that scrambled at his feet however this did not have the effect he was hoping for. His crooked, blackened teeth only seemed to inject further fear into these people.

    Whilst surveying the scene of panic, the troll stood still in his tracks. Deadly still. It suddenly dawned on him. He would never find his way home…

    How did I do?

  2. All of a sudden there came a loud rumbling “it must be lunch time’ thought the troll who had started scoffing the chimney down his throat, as well as that, the troll took a handful of water from the pond and gulped it down straight away. At the same time people underneath the troll were having buckets full of tiles and water showering down on them. After that the troll sat down on an estate building,looked left as his eyes were drawn to…

    • A little helpless boy hiding under a tree crying for his mummy. The troll felt so sorry for him he carried him on his ginormous shoulders,and felt lots of love in his heart, they both were sad and alone needing a place to rest until the boys mummy was found. The troll was ready to help in every way possible so he could be loved just like the little boy…..

  3. A tree that reminded him for broccoli so the Troll decided that he was going to eat the tree and he stood up and stomped over to the tree. As the Troll past the houses, with terrifiyed people in, them he finaly he reached the tree he sat down and…

  4. His eyes were drawn to a young boy crouched in the corner of a narrow building, therefore the troll drew closer and realized that the timid boy was actually crying in fear because he lost his parents. The troll groaned as he took out his worn out tissue as large as the little boy himself and wiped off his tears, meanwhile a lady who was watching called the police. The troll started to dance around to make the boy laugh which made a smile on his face. The troll and the boy became good friends although the troll knew that humans shouldn’t be friends with trolls. Suddenly the police arrived but they were surprised because…

  5. …they knew that they would arest him but the police said (that you are good friendly troll but you have to come to the police stain with me and the little boy RIGHT NOW!). when they arrived they the troll said that i just wanted to make friends because i dont have anybody to be my friend but i know that humas not sposed to friends with trolls iam sorry little boy and poluce then the troll began to cry because of that . The police bagan to unstand the troll and said dont cry I understand you but this is yourlast chance okay? then the asked the troll are you free then the said in a happy excited voice YES iam so mhappy that iam free but does it me that friends still ………….

  6. There were to elderly parents standing in front of their narrow house waiting to see their poor child return but they couldn’t see him. The police took the boy next to him and the troll was terrified ,because the police may hurt him,but he had nothing to fear although the two eye-catching parents stood on the thin pavement looking at their child the parents shouted from across the street. The police pushed the boys to the parents and then…

  7. The boy and the troll were laughing and dancing. The troll reached out with his enormous slimy hands, beckoning the now cowering police officers, who were trembling like jelly. The boy saw how afraid the police officers were, frozen like statues, if he could only…

  8. Unusually, this nightmare-lookalike of a troll was playful, juvenile and adolescent-like. After a whole week of the monster’s presence, the troll vowed desperately to never kill or damage anything deliberately. If you heard stories about bad trolls, if you think that trolls are scary, then you must be absolutely and utterly wrong.For this troll was the most innocent creature in the village.No one could deny it, he was friendly, helpful, a bit clumsy, but loyal to everyone around him.A permanent smile was lovingly embroidered onto his face. Everyone in the village was extremely delighted, until…

  9. Of the devastating scene in front of their eyes. The police stared at this gigantic, monstrous troll with a forest growing out of his back, they looked in shock as this horrible creature danced for the frightened little boy. Every time he stomped his foot the ground shook, as if a massive earthquake had happened. At that moment, the troll turned and looked at the police with his evil eyes. He began to walk menacingly towards them……..

  10. The mountainous, terrifyingly, ugly troll wasn’t doing anything wrong. The boy called Tommy, and the scary troll were listening to the amazingly, strong, loud sirens from the herd of police cars. The troll was trying to make Tommy happy, not upset, because Tommy had lost his mummy, Amy, his daddy, Chris and his older sister, Maria. Although Maria is mean to little Tommy, he still loves his mean, horrible, annoying older worm of a sister. Tommy and the ugly troll sat in the remains of the rusty old crumbling building…………

  11. Fabulous collaborative work so far Y3! Great variety of subordinate clauses but also amazing adjectives and some really powerful verbs. Have you all been reading my favourite book…The thesaurus?

  12. Suddenly, a shining hole appeared in the ground, of the building, it grew more vast by the second. A thundering noise came from the building, scaring Tommy half to death. The police cars came to a halt near the crumbling building. Tommy looked at the troll. They both knew what they had to do. They both stared at the hole, and jumped in…..

  13. The police realised the Troll was too strong for them so the furious chief called in thousands of reinforcements . He needed the army! When they arrived, they marched up rapidly with their heavy weapons. They came to where the Troll was and were paused ready to fire!

  14. The army tried to kill the troll but the troll had a huge shield. The army called ten fire engines to spray the water but the troll got away so the firemen ran after it. Suddenly out of nowhere plane came and trapped the troll.

  15. Just in time, innocent Tommy and the loathsome, hideous troll safely escaped. Tommy and the troll were able to distinctly hear the gun shots fire instantaneously upon the surface of the earth. Soon afterwards, the furious chief hastily sprinted towards the effulgent hole – where Tommy and the troll were sheltered. Unexpectedly, the hole disappeared from the ground, when the furious chief and his reinforcements were just about to jump in. It was as if someone wanted to protect them! Tommy and the troll ventured throughout the mysterious, gleaming hole. Until…

  16. FIRE. shouted the people but the troll was unbreakable and he escaped from the police every one was screeming .sudanly he stoped and turned around he piced up a car and threw it at the scared people they nearly got crushed by the posh car but then a mousive robot apeared biger than the troll it was all built with iarn . the troll and the robot stod there looking into each others eyes they were redy to fight and so they did, they were punching each other but then the troll fell in to a big lake he said’ is it bath time ‘ said the troll, and then the police came back to the troll…..

  17. The police said to the troll ” what are you doing in the lake troll.” I am having a bath.” said the troll. After the police left the robot said ” I want to have a bath.” Just as the troll was saying you are a robot you will melt” The robot jumped in and and as quick as one second he melted in the lake but suddenly……

  18. Suddenly, they heard a cracking noise as if the world was breaking into pieces! Everyone looked behind them and noticed that an enormous building was about to fall on top of them because the shock waves caused it to shake and moved it from its foundation! The troll, who no-one liked, ran as quickly as a cheetah towards the falling building. He took of his rope, threw it over the building and pulled the building back with all his might, so that it didn’t fall on them! Everyone who he saved sprinted away as soon as they saw they were safe from the falling building!
    “Huh”, said the Troll. “Why are they running away from me? I was only trying to help!”
    As he sat there trying to figure out why his behaviour was changing so quickly, he saw an ocean of humans, stumbling towards him. He couldn’t believe what they were doing.
    “AAA!” he screamed. “I am very sorry” he cried. But…

  19. The humans wouldn’t forgive him. But although the troll became a favorite to the humans he would not forget why he had come here. Now the humans were just a few cm’s away and now it was easy to fulfill his mission or shall we say his horrific missions.The troll opened his mouth with full-greed like a blue whale ready to suck in 50 liters of water.Just as the troll was about to eat them many citizens came and crowded him with arrows.

  20. The troll paused suddenly “what do I do now? Shall I eat these ghastly humans and risk being shot at?? Or do I try to run away?” He looked all around him but there was no escape, he was surrounded… He slowly opened his enormous mouth showing his crooked teeth and with a big GULP! He swallowed a sea full of humans….

  21. From all directions came a strange sound, a loud rumble like thunder. After a while, he realised that it was his hungry tummy.He went down to the bottom of the bridge where he found a bucket and a fishing rod. He got water from the river and 8 fishes.After lunch, he went for a little run because he wasn’t that fit.The scary troll was only able to run 1 meter.So he said ‘oh no’ and started to cry!

  22. The troll looked at the numerous guns pointing at him ready to fire.Knowing it was the army,the troll run with a look of terror in his face destroying houses and hurting innocent people.On the way the army was getting frustrated they had to. Regretfully they called the tank to killed the troll, how ever, the armies attacks failed and the troll ran away petrified.

  23. He ran and crouched behind a flat,he said to himself I am a beast, oh yeah you are said the chief master. HE shouted as loud as he could for backup!, the troll said I mean no harm, if you don’t save your comment for the General. He started to shout and The chief said FIRE the bom CRASH BANG WOLLOP HE WENT down for 160 hours of sleep!. In that time we could capture him and study on this gigantic beast, but sir he mean no harm to us soldiers, maybe not you but me!….

  24. After a while, the enormous beast rose to find himself trapped in a cage with, lasers whizzing around it, armed soldier’s standing guard if the beast escaped. ROAR the beast let out a huge roar, desks clattered,the walls shook the floor parted ,the laboratory was falling apart then CRASH…

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