Discipleship Liturgy

Year 6 Chaplaincy Team lead us into a Liturgy on 9/01/19. KS2 as they entered into the liturgy, music was played : Never Too Young by Mr Wheat. During the liturgy, we heard the Gospel (According to Matthew 2:9-10) about the Epiphany. Then we had a reflection on how Jesus’s birth is the light of the world. Next was meditation and we listened to some music. During this we thought about how we would feel being a disciple of Jesus and The Three Wise Men.

We joined together for a thank you prayer as we prayed for God choosing us as his disciples, our relationship with our friends and family, our education at Blessed Robert, the gift of Jesus which he sacrificed himself for us.
Our mission was to go out and to become a disciple of Jesus. To listen to the lyrics of the song: Go out in the World. We had a great time praying with each other.

How will you go out in the world being a disciple of Jesus?

By Stanley and Amanda Y6

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