1. Wow FS.
    It sounds like you all had great fun discovering the lorry that visited. What buttons did you get to press?

    • The buttons that we pressed were:
      the horn (Alice)
      the lights (Ashleigh)
      the camera that showed the back of the lorry (Nathan)

  2. That looks so cool, I recycle lots at home and it always fascinates me to watch the rubbish be eaten up by the lorry! I wish i was a FS that day!

    (Aidan Burton)

  3. The bin lorry was fun! (Harry)
    We learned that there was a camera on the bin lorry. (Charlie C)
    We learned what it was like to sit in a bin lorry! (Hollie)
    We learned about recycling (Jamie)
    There was a clever computer telling the driver all sorts of useful information (Freya).

  4. Looks like a lot of fun, I wish I was there to see it, You are very lucky to have been visited by the bin lorry and some of you went inside I hope you enjoyed yourself and had lots of fun

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