Fossil imprints at the ready!


Year 3 were very excited to find out the results of their fossil imprints investigation this week. They’d tested a number of materials to see what would give the best imprints, and we had some disappointing results….but also some surprises!

I’ll leave it to our Year 3 scientists to explain more…


  1. When we made our fossil imprint, we had to fill the plasticine mould with different materials, I worked with Joel and we chose plaster of Paris. We left it for a week, when we took it out of the mould we had a very good shell imprint.

  2. We got the plasticine then we made it as a cup shape and put the wax in. We left it for a week. After a week saw the result, a fossil like imprint .

  3. Our groups Fossil imprint did not work as we tried to make an inprint with lard. When we tried to take the lard out it was stuck and it felt so slimmy on my hand it never came out.

  4. Me and Mairead used wax for our fossil imprint and we left it but it didn’t work so well with wax but with the lard it worked well. The jelly turned hard when we left it and smelled really weird!

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