Freedom and Responsibility

It’s a new term in Year 5, so we have a new topic in Come and See (RE: Religious Education). This term, Year 5’s new RE topic is… Freedom and Responsibility! This shows us the freedom we have whilst we are children and to have the responsibility either looking after  a younger sibling or to have responsibility for a fundamental item. Each and every one of us has the freedom to live in God’s name and we also have the responsibility to stay in God’s name. In our school, we work together as a team to serve our God, the Lord.



  1. Thank you for posting this thoughtful blog Yocheved!
    Look at the quote above from Nelson Mandela: “The time has come to accept in our hearts and minds that with freedom comes responsibility.”
    What does this statement mean to you?

  2. This statement means to me that we have to accept that our hearts and minds are filled with freedom and responsibility.

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