Go BRW Digital Team Leaders

This Year BRW has introduced a new team, the Digital Team. It is made up of two pupils from each class and two Year 6 leaders, this years team is: Megan , Lenny , Jessica , Alexie, Dylan, Matthew, Mia, Amelio, Lenny and Merix. Our first meeting was on Monday and the main topic was on App storage. Our IPads are full of Games and apps to help us learn, but do we actually use them all? We sent out a questionnaire, asking which apps each class use and are there are any apps that help you, that we don’t have already. If you have any more suggestions feel free to comment them below.

That was just our first meeting, one of many to come. If you have any ideas or questions on the topic of technology, then come to the Digital Team, who are ready to make this year count.


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