God is our Rock Liturgy!

Today we gathered together for our Liturgy about Jesus being our rock. We had the Liturgy in the Hall and all of Year 1 and Year 2 took part. We also had some special visitors – our parents – who came to watch our Liturgy. We had spent the last few weeks leaning songs with Mr Wheat and we sang them beautifully in our liturgy. Megan stood up and read the first reading whilst some children from Year 1 did some acting to show what was happening in the scripture story. Then some children sang the psalm and we joined in with the response. We then heard a Gospel reading about Jesus feeding a large crowd which we stood up to listen to. After the Gospel we talked about how we can trust God to be our rock and how we should share the Good News about Jesus with other people and be a rock that they can rely on. We then put are hands together and prayed, asking God for help and love. At the end we had a reflection about rocks. We finished our Liturgy by singing ‘Jesus is the rock’ in a rock and roll style!

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