Great to be Back!


I am incredibly excited to be returning to BRW this week. I am ready and raring to go and will be very busy catching up on all your news and finding out about all the exciting learning that has been taking place in school whilst I have been at home looking after my family.

Thankfully, I have had the BRW Blog to help keep me updated. Miss Ferrara has also been speaking to me about your adventures so far.

The ‘Year to Create’ is well and truly underway at BRW! It has been a joy to read about your fundraising, investigating, celebrating and abundance of adventures….the list is endless. The Christmas Video was a particular highlight for me and definitely spread that Christmas cheer.

Miss Ferrara and I are both very excited about the term ahead. I have been speaking to all the class teachers, who have been informing me of all the exciting and creative things they have been planning to do.

Please feel free to come and find me to talk to me about your thoughts or ask me any questions you have.

I know that everyone at BRW has an amazing spirit of adventure and will continue to take risks, ask questions, dream big and aim high!

Watch this space………



  1. If we be resilient, confident, adventurous, creative, imaginative and prayerful we will surely make this Year the best year we have ever had!

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