Hens for Hire

As you can see, it is staring to become cold. It is Winter and we like to keep ourselves warm. When we are in your house warmed up, the hens are still outside in this horrible weather. What can we do? This post will tell you what to do to keep the hens safe and not too cold.

. Don’t panic if the hens are losing feathers because this can continue throughout the winter. They will only lose feathers if they are fit and healthy.

. In this weather, the hens make feel unwell and start sneezing. Check regularly how they are behaving and if they are ok.

.They also hate mud so if you can move the mud into the fresh ground and add some woodchip to the run to assist with the mud.

. Also, with darker times, if the hens are a little out of the way, move the hens closer to the building.

. Remember, we are decorating the hen house so bring any old Christmas decorations from home. Always ask parents permission. Closing date 9th December 2016.

. Thank you to all the people who took part in the Eggventure boxes. You will get you boxes on New Year.

. If the school have booked a full school hire, please check your inbox for options on egg hatching.

.If you want to keep the  chicks longer, you can add ‘ Watch us Grow’ to you hire. If you have any doubts, ask Claire for more information.

. You should all have received details about the hen collection. If you need a change of date, contact Claire.

. Early this month, we sent out details of how the hens can assist with guided reading. We would like you all to feedback.

Now you should know how to keep the hens safe, fit and healthy!



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