High – Fivers Doing BRW Proud!

The BRW Netball Team have kicked off Summer training beautifully. Not only has our team grown, but there is great promise in the fantastic interception, marking and attack skills we’ve already seen.

We have been lucky enough to have already taken part in a summer tournament against many other schools.

Well done to the team of seven who did us proud, playing with resilience, ferocity and passion. Though we lost two, once we’d warmed up, we were triumphant with a draw and a 3-0 win! I think there’s more where that came from…watch this space!



  1. Wow i am really impressed that netball is very popular and that the team has grown. I really hope BRW will win some tournaments and make the school really proud. It looks really fun.

  2. Well done guys! I’m sure you tried your best… NEVER GIVE UP!!!! We’re all proud of you! GO BRW NETBALL TEAM!

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