Hinduism Week

In the past week, Year 6 have been studying all about Hinduism!

Here are some facts about Hinduism:

  • Hindus believe that every living creature has a soul.
  • For Hindus cows are sacred and holy animals. Hindus treat their animals like they treat their gods.
  • Hindus also believe that mountains have souls.
  • They worship many gods including Krishna.
  • Their main symbol is the Om symbol which represents creation, the first sound in creation and it is used in prayer and meditation.
  • They celebrate a Janmashtami festival which is for Krishna’s birthday and they make offerings of sweets and dances to Krishna.

We really enjoyed learning about this faith and getting creative in the way we presented our facts about it.

Have a look at some of Year 6’s work here:







The Aum symbol is a universal name of a Lord that encompasses all creations.


  1. I like learning about new faiths and venture away from Christianity for a while. It feels fun to learn Hinduism. My head is going to explode with learning. I wonder whose work is going to be displayed on the board of Hinduism near the ICT Suite. You never know, it could be you!

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