International Evening

What an incredible evening celebrating the diverse, rich cultures that make up our school community!

From Irish stew, noodles and rice and sausage rolls to antipasti platters and good old English finger sandwiches…there was something for everyone to enjoy.  We were also treated to some energetic Irish dancing and individual and group Indian dancing.  It was truly lovely to share all of our backgrounds and beginnings with the school community.

A HUGE thank you to all of our wonderful parents, children and staff for their efforts and generosity.  Roll on 2019 when we’ll be celebrating it again!


  1. I really enjoyed International Evening, but it was a shame because that was Year 5’s and Year 6’s LAST one! I loved Erin’s Irish dancing and Bethany’s, Evana’s, Jessica’s and Brinly’s Indian dancing! I thought all of the food was delectable! Well done everyone, it was an amazing way to celebrate.


  2. I went to International Evening and it was superb! The food was scrumptious but at the same time I’m so depressed that this is my last/first time at International Evening. Thank you teachers for planning this brilliant International Evening!

  3. I loved in the national evening. It was a great way to celebrate it. There were many types of food and all the food was really delicious. All the dances did very well. It was a huge celebration /party

  4. I know it was a while ago but I really enjoyed going around and seeing the different food that other countries actually have themselves.

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