Scientific Investigating of Roman Soldiers

Year 3 has a brilliant time investigating in their Science lesson today! We’d already learned about the Roman Legionaries (these were the Roman army men). They used javelin like weapons called pilum. There were two types…

Light pilum that was for raining down on enemies (could travel a distance of about 27m)

Heavy pilum would throw at a short distance (travelled about 5m) that then would give them time to draw their sword ready to fight. It had a heavy piece of metal weighed it down so that it wouldn’t travel as far.

The children recognised that gravity would have acted upon the spear, and that there was no force keeping it in the air. If there were no gravity, would this make a difference to the journey of the spear?

Our Investigation was considering ‘For the spear to reach a further away target what must be done? 

We planned our investigation and considered the angles we could change but what also we needed to keep the same in order to keep it a ‘fair test’.

It also gave us a great opportunity to refine our javelin skills in preparation for our Sports Day this term!


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