Jesus Shares His Last Meal With His Disciples And Is Betrayed!

Today, Thursday 31st March, Year 5 presented the Last Supper Mass to the whole school and our parent visitors. It started with a beautiful entrance procession where the children  brought up important symbols for the Mass, these included: our Lenten collection of  spare change which we have collected to give to charity; a bowl and cloth which symbolises how we have been called to be servants like Jesus; Jewish candles represented the heritage and history between Christians and Jews. After our entrance hymn and opening prayer from Fr Philip, we listened to scripture from the Bible, book of Exodus and we all joined in to sing our psalm. The gospel at this Mass was a bit different because year 5 acted out all of the events of the Last Supper and the garden of Gethsemane. During the drama, year 5 showed Jesus washing he disciples feet. We saw that Judas betrayed Jesus and finally we tried to stay awake when Jesus went to pray even when all the disciples fell asleep. After the drama, it helped us to understand why we should celebrate Mass in the way that we do because Jesus told us that is the way to remember him. Once we had finished communion, we listened to a poem about how we are called by Jesus to follow him. Throughout the mass, there was magnificent music and sensational singing, there was even dancing during the offertory hymn All In All. Some people were expecting there to be music at the end, however we deliberately walked off in silence as it is a solemn time to reflect on the events of the Mass and experience the feelings of the disciples once Jesus had been arrested. Tomorrow year 6 will be sharing their presentation of the crucifixion. As a school, we will recognise the sacrifice which Jesus had suffered for us.

Michael and Jessica.

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