Judo Club!!

On Wednesdays at 8:00am, we have the opportunity to do a fun self-defense club to enjoy. From Y1-Y6. Everybody is welcome from Y1 to Y6,  to this lively enjoyably club. More and more people are joining Judo club which is fantastic! Please consider coming as it is lots of fun!

Judo Belts:
White belt

Red belt

Yellow belt

Orange Belt

Green Belt 

Blue Belt

Brown Belt 

Black Belt


  1. I enjoy doing Judo. As I am a yellow belt with two tags I think I am doing quite well. I would definitely recommend this club to those who enjoy doing sport through fun games.

    • Miss Ferrara, I can answer that! Judo’s for self-defence! When I went to judo just for a trial, I loved the morning I had there! I would recommend this club to other students.

  2. I remember when I tried it out. It was… AWESOME! But, I couldn’t join because I have a lot of clubs I go to already! Sorry!

  3. I used to do Judo and I loved it. Like Yocheved I have so many clubs now that I don’t have chance to go any more. However, when I left Judo I left with the skill of self defense and I can use this when really needed in life.

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