Lakeside Visit for Y3

Year 3 had a lovely time at Lakeside Gallery today. We started off getting into teams and creating our own myths and legends. They are now full of ideas for their writing, having role played their creatures and planned some storylines. We had a break for lunch and a play on the park, before heading to the gallery and exploring the work of David Jones. The children were really inspired and created some of their own sketches of the trees in the grounds. We all had a super day, thanks to Ruth Lewis for helping organise it all and the lovely students from the University who planned the imaginative activities for the morning!


  1. At Lakeside today we were all in groups and each group had a shield which you had to write your group name on and my group was called the Golden Gladiators.

  2. We all had great fun at Lakeside the best thing for me was when we had to be our character. I was a troll who was angry because he didn’t get enough sleep.

  3. Sounds like great fun with so many wonderful learning opportunities! What was your favourite part of the day and why?

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