Learning About Fantastic Fruit in French!

This term, with the help of Miss Lancashire, Year 5 have been learning all about food in French! Year 5 have been focussed on fruit and vegetables (one of the most important parts of our diet) and how to ask politely for a fruit or vegetable.

Year 5, choose a fruit or vegetable and tell me how you would ask for it in french?

Year 5 also know which fruit and vegetables are masculine or feminine. Year 5, how can you tell this?

Not only have Year 5 been learning about foods in French, they have also been studying French locations.

They have been practicing their pronunciation of how to ask where other people live and the correct response. It is wonderful to see how far Year 5 have come and I know they will continue to shine in their French lessons!

Toutes nos félicitations Année 5! 

Keep up your confidence with lots of practise at home.



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