MAT Mass

On Thursday 29th June, everyone in our Trust gathered in the Becket school and celebrated the MAT Mass. The theme of the mass was ” A heart that sees” this was really special and memorable because we gathered together as a Trust to celebrate the feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul. One person from each school showed us stuff that they did in school to help raise money for the Building Hope Project.  This Mass was so unique because we got to see everyone in our community. All the people from our trust had an exciting adventure to the Becket school where Tom and the other students played music while we sat and reflected. Blessed Robert Widmerpool said the prayers of intercession, while the rest reflected about the asking prayers. As a Trust, our heart was pounding: we sang our hardest and the words of the song united us. We listened carefully to the Word of God and what each of the school had to say about the Building Hope Project.


Jessica Jose

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