In Year 5, our new Come and See topic is Memorial Sacrifices. We have thought about what memories are.  We watched a video where a little boy helped an old woman get her memory back , first he went around to some elderly people and asked them what memories meant to them. They all said different things, some said happiness, some tears, some laughter, whilst some said fun. With  all this help, the boy gave the woman her memory back.

After watching the video we all had to write down one memory from Year 5. We now have a memory box with these pieces of papers in, we can add to this box whenever we want.

I started to think of the word memories and what it makes me think of.  I thought: Happiness, Laughter , Fun, Tears of Joy, Sadness, Tears of Sorrow and much more. What does it make YOU think of ?

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  1. It was lovely to think about all the amazing memories we’ve made so far in Year 5.

    This topic makes me think of a quote by Dr Seuss: ‘Sometimes we don’t know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.’

    BRW, what are your best memories from the year so far?

  2. I like to think about my memories, even the bad and sad memories. We need to think about the bad and sad memories because we cannot forget them because even they are important, people don’t like to think about sad memories because sometimes they make them cry. Memories can make people cry but people might cry because of a good or happy memories. Sometimes people cry because of sad memories, if you want to cry, instead think about the good times you have spent with them.

    • Olga, what a thoughtful and beautiful comment. You’re right- sometimes memories can make us feel sad or happy, but we should always try to focus on the good times and the many happy memories we have to smile and laugh about. What is your favourite memory from this year? I bet GoApe must be one of your favourites!

      • one of my favourite memory’s is GoApe and the briers, i had a great time going to GoApe and at the briers it was a fantastic three days trip.

  3. my most Favourite event that had happened in year 5 was when we did our we three kings rap version in carols around the tree. i think it was really creative and a little bit of a twist had happened.

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