Miss Ferrara’s Welcome

Welcome back everyone, refreshed and re-energised ready for another exciting year ahead.  A big hello to our new children and families and those who are familiar faces too.  Please come and say hello in the playground. I am eager to hear all about your holidays and summer adventures.

This year, we’ll be embarking on a new adventure as we immerse ourselves into the ‘Year to Create.’  We’ll be designing, creating, experimenting, adventuring, building and rebuilding!  We’ll be curious learners, risk-takers, mistake-makers and our list of questions about the world around us will be endless!  The BRW Baker’s Baskets have been given out already and serve as a great way to create something at home together and share in school.

Here at BRW, we dream big and aim high.

Our school mission statement is at the heart of everything we do:  We walk kindly in the footsteps of Jesus Christ as we live and learn.

Keep an eye on the school blog where we will be sharing and celebrating the children’s work.  Websites and helpful hints can be found here too.

I’ll be keeping Mrs Maylard Mason’s seat warm until her return.  Mrs Maylard Mason is keen to keep up to date with all the news and events at BRW and will visit school from time to time.

It’s time to get started…it’s time to start our learning journey for another year and CREATE!






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