Mummifying tomatoes in Y3

Year 3 have had great fun mummifying tomatoes over the last few weeks. We initially scooped out the insides to remove all the insides and then packed them for two weeks packed in ‘natron’ (well, salt and baking soda) We were pleasantly surprised at our results. There was quite a difference in not only appearance, but the weight of the tomatoes. Properly mummified. Over to you Year 3…


  1. I would agree. Fun, slightly grotesque and intriguing: What better way to learn!! Tell me what you discovered Year 3, I’m curious…

  2. We did that, and the one we didn’t mummify was full of bacteria. Although the ones that were mummified they were more edible than the ones with no salt on. But I still wouldn’t even go near the mummified ones. Did your class room stink of moldy tomato for a couple of weeks!

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