My expertise: JUDO!

Judo is a martial art where you are not allowed to kick or punch, but throw! I enjoy judo because it give you a chance to have a go a fighting people in competitions. There are many things for you to learn in judo like all the hold-downs and throws. When you get to an advanced belt you learn strangles and arm-locks! In judo there are many belts: white, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black. Which is 8 belts in total! It is a very fun sport and I would recommend for all ages.

What questions do you have about this sport? Have you noticed that we play it in school also?


  1. Hi Connor I’ve got a few questions about judo for you:
    *What is your favourite throw?
    *Do you like Morotzieonagie?
    *Have you earned any medals?
    *If you have how many and what place?

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