My Talent!

My Talent is gymnastics, I started when I was 7 years old. I have been able to commit to this sport weekly where I’ve been able to improve on my strength and flexibility.

I started on badge 8 but as I have progressed in gymnastics I am currently on badge bronze practicing on getting my badge silver. Before I started gymnastics I knew many basic skills and the lower badges were easier to achieve. Now that I have been training towards the more elite badges they have challenged me in several ways, which has pushed me to try and learn new skills: front handsprings, back handsprings and walking handstands.

Throughout my time in gymnastics I have learnt many skills recently: a front flip, a somersault; a front handspring, handstand roll and many more!

I would definitely recommend gymnastics as a sport for anyone that’s interested. Every is welcome and you’re able to make new friends.

I’d be interested to read what other talents people have, or would to answer any questions you have about gymnastics!




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