Myths and Legends in Y3

Year 3 are learning all about Roman Myths and Legends, and we’re having great fun! Myths are traditional stories, set a long time ago, often giving explanations for the way things are and have magical elements. Gods and goddesses are an important part of Roman mythology so we began with a story about Jupiter, the king of the Gods, changing into an eagle to search Earth for a new cup bearer. He finds the beautiful Prince Ganymede and leaves two fine horses in exchange!

Today, we were in the hall again, this time retelling the story of the destruction of Troy and how Aeneas (the secret son of Venus, goddess of love) escaped the burning city of Troy, with his father and son, only to be faced with a deathly stormy sea. Luckily, Neptune, angered by the other gods interfering, restored the sea to calm and lifted the ship to safety. As you can see, the children enjoyed acting out everything, from the burning Troy to the turbulent storm.

So, what have we learned about the Roman gods?

Children, it’s over to you…

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