Nottingham Forest Ground Tour

One Friday afternoon, a group of Year 6’s visited a popular Nottingham tourist attraction, the Forest Ground. When we arrived, we were given the opportunity to win a signed card by one of the players and there were 5 of us and only two signed cards!

We also visited the following rooms: the trophy room, the changing rooms, the stands and the sidelines.Fun fact, did you know that there are over 30,000 seats in the whole of the forest ground. We were given a pack of cards to answer the questions that were given to us – these were the cards in the pack: Eric Lichaj,Brian Clough, Matty Cash, Britt Assombalonga,Chris Cohen and I won an extra signed card which was Jorge Grant! Each room we had entered came a new opportunity to win a signed players card!

If you have any wonders or questions about this trip then come and ask me in a commentbox below!





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