Open your eyes and notice something new today!


The Rainbow Fish children have been finding out about their 5 senses through our  Science Investigations this half term.  Here we are using our sense of sight and observing lots of wonderful things in our outdoor environment; we were filled with awe and wonder at the amazing things around us.  We made ‘noticers’ to help us focus on and ‘zoom in’ on what we were observing and the language we used to describe our observations was fabulous.

‘I can see a thin spider web, it looks like really thin string!’ – Joanna

‘It’s an Autumn leaf; its not green anymore, its yellow and brown.’ – Jeremiah

‘Here is a spider!  He has a round body and 8 legs’ – Szymon

Open your eyes…take it all in…what new things will YOU discover in the world today?


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